Hotel & Villa Auersperg in Salzburg

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After the early death of her husband and the loss of a lease on a traditional inn, by necessity the grandmother of today’s host began renting out guest rooms in her private city villa built in 1897. This was the beginning of Hotel Auersperg in Salzburg.

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As the youngest of four children, granddaughter Bettina Raschhofer took over the Auersperg – a small, gem of a city hotel – from her parents at the age of 24, more by chance than intention. She broke off her business studies because such immense personal commitment was required to meet such big challenges.

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When the pressure threatened to become too much, Bettina Raschhofer took a timeout for half a year. And suddenly, one thing led harmoniously to another. She met her future husband and brought a female friend on board, which brought system and structure to the business. That’s how Bettina Wiesinger-Raschhofer learned to seek out support and have confidence in those who stood in for her.

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The husband, previously general manager of a Viennese menswear shop and therefore a newcomer to the hospitality industry, consciously decided not to get involved in management of the hotel. Instead, he established an office for planning and development, through which the renovation and expansion work at the hotel would also be managed. The three sons they have had together complete the happiness of Bettina and Mark Wiesinger.