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Hotel Gasthof Hirschen, Schwarzenberg, Bregenzerwald

Hotel Gasthof Hirschen

"Fun in an artful place"

Schwarzenberg, Bregenzerwald, Austria

A collection of
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The Hotel

What makes the Hirschen in Schwarzenberg so unique? Is it its history? Is it the tradition? Is it the owner’s sense of humor? Is it the sincerity of the employees? The cuisine? In fact, it is the combination of all of these and more. It is the stories, the special people and guests. The timelessness. And the lightness. And the openness.




Roadside inn


Peter Fetz & Team

Type of Hotel

Boutique hotel


Village square

“Only through its guests is the spirit of a house brought to life. A young, curious spirit that is always in search of all that is good.”

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RequestIt is my pleasure.
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The Gallery

The Location

Hotel Gasthof Hirschen
Hof 14
6867 Schwarzenberg
Vorarlberg, Austria

+43 55 12 29 44

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