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Landvogthaus in Nidfurn, Glarus


"Magic of the Past"

Glarus, Switzerland

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The Hotel

A melody floats in the air, sheets of music rustle in the wind. The floral patterns on the rugs and cushions stir, the colorfully painted porcelain on the wooden walls trembles. Carpets float lightly above the floor. At the typewriter, a poem is created as if crafted by a magic hand, while the butterflies flutter out of their display case after decades; settling on the dark wooden beams and open windows.

Detail im Landvogthaus, Nidfurn, Glarus
Zimmer im Landvogthaus, Nidfurn, Glarus


ca. 1520


large residential building


Museum of Home Decor

Type of Hotel

Historic private hotel



Landvogthaus in Nidfurn, Kanton Glarus
Landvogthaus in Nidfurn, Kanton Glarus

A Late Medieval estate in Glarnerland, a mountain valley in Switzerland. Awaiting you here are four authentically furnished, historical guestrooms as well as the unique Museum of Home Decor. The centuries-old yet well-preserved core of the building, the mystical garden around the house and the surrounding mountains give this place its incomparable aura – ideal for special holidays and big celebrations.

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The Gallery

The Location

Historical Private Hotel
Landstraße 53
8772 Nidfurn

+41 55 644 11 49

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A journey back in time.
PS: The Landvogthaus is a complete work of art.