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Schlosshotel Szidonia in Röjtökmuzsaj


"Wooed by warmth"

Röjtökmuzsaj, Hungary

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The Hotel

After an hours-long game of chess, gazing out of the window; the wind in the trees, it has turned to evening. Soft piano music mixed with the sounds of the bar. All tables are now occupied; animated conversations, occasionally somebody laughs out loud. Waitresses in white scurry through the room and return with ice-chilled bottles. Strands of pearls in the glasses and a gentle tingle as two glances meet.

Schlosshotel Szidonia in Röjtökmuzsaj
Schlosshotel Szidonia in Röjtökmuzsaj


in the 16th cent.


Hunting lodge, later a stately family seat


Castle, hunting lodge and stately home

Beauty & Wellness

Bathhouse and Healing & Health Resort

Wellness im Zimmer im Schlosshotel Szidonia in Röjtökmuzsaj
Zimmer im Schlosshotel Szidonia in Röjtökmuzsaj

Castle Hotel Szidónia, a charming oasis of countless opportunities, lies close to the Neusiedlersee. Baths filled with water from our own springs, trail rides on our horses, Hungarian and international specialties served in the restaurant – the hotel provides a historical setting for enjoyment in all its facets.

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The Gallery

The Location

Schlosshotel Szidónia
Röjtöki út 37
9451 Röjtökmuzsaj

+36 99 544 810

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