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Schlosshotel Wendorf in Kuhlen-Wendorf


"A world unto itself"

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Deutschland

A collection of
historic hotels +
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The Hotel

Dinner next to a crackling fire. Later in the suite, walls full of dancing ornaments and carpets with endless patterns, sparkling chandeliers on the ceiling. Overcome by a pleasant heaviness, sinking into the leather couch. Appearing in your dreams, a palm-filled orangery flooded in natural lighting; high windows, filigree easy chairs and tables as if hand-drawn into the room. Sunlight on your skin and the swaying of plane trees in the gentle breeze.

Schlosshotel Wendorf in Kuhlen-Wendorf
Zimmer im Schlosshotel Wendorf, Kuhlen-Wendorf


End of the 19th cent.


5 Sterne


Cheval Blanc

Art des Hotels



9 Luxus-Suiten


Spa, golf, horseback riding, sailing

Schlosshotel Wendorf in Kuhlen-Wendorf
Schlosshotel Wendorf in Kuhlen-Wendorf

Schlosshotel Wendorf lies in the middle of Mecklenburg Vorpommern, a land of castles and broad country estates. Once the abode of knights, today it offers an enticing mixture of luxury and charm. Be that at the spa in the vaulted cellar, taking a drive in a vintage limousine or giving your taste buds a treat at the gourmet Cheval Blanc restaurant. For very special occasions, the entire castle can be rented out exclusively..

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The Gallery

The Location

Schlosshotel Wendorf
Schlossallee 16
19412 Kuhlen-Wendorf

+49 38 48 63 36 60

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Pure luxury.
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