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Villa Tuttorotto in Rovinj, Istrien

Villa Tuttorotto

"The magic of treasure"

Rovinj, Istria, Croatia

A collection of
historic hotels +
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The Hotel

This villa is located – well hidden away and reminiscent of a small museum – in the heart of the historic district of Rovinj. A 500-year-old jewel that has been lovingly renovated and restored. In every corner, in every room of which, the colorful history of the city is tangible. With all kinds of tales to tell. Set against the unique backdrop of the Adriatic coast.


500 years


Family residence


The Jovanovic Family

Type of Hotel

Boutique hotel


Enthroned across from the harbor

“From the room, your eyes roam along the old narrow lanes of the city to the bustling harborside goings-on. And beyond - across the sea. A place full of dreams."

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RequestIt is my pleasure.
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The Gallery

The Location

Villa Tuttorotto
Dvor Massatto 4
52210 Rovinj

+385 52 815 181

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