Vinery FJ Gritsch in Spitz, Wachau, Lower Austria

Weingut FJ Gritsch

"Bearing the glowing embers forward"

Spitz, Wachau, Lower Austria

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October 2019
Autumn is traditionally the most exciting time for a wine grower.
For Franz-Josef Gritsch, too, this is harvest time on the steep vineyards above Spitz on the banks of the Danube.
Due to the terrain, much of the work can only be done by hand. But the effort is rewarded. Especially when the wine is highly esteemed and receives awards. As is the case with the current 2018 Riesling Smaragd Ried Kalkofen, which, according to A la carte wine guide is one of the best wines of the Wachau region .

Weingut FJ Gritsch in Spitz
Weingut FJ Gritsch in Spitz

Shuttling between two worlds - yet another reason Weingut Gritsch is so special. On the one hand the historic Mauritiushof on the church square in Spitz, on the other the kalmuck cellars with state-of-the-art modern technology.

Weingut FJ Gritsch Mauritiushof in Spitz, Wachau
Weingut FJ Gritsch Mauritiushof in Spitz, Wachau

Where to purchase the wines?

Weingut FJ Gritsch
Franz Josef Gritsch
Kirchenplatz 13
3620 Spitz

+43 2713 2450



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