The Courtly Hunt of the Esterházys

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A hotel with a museum?
No, far more a castle ensemble with a museum. And hotel. And landscaped grounds.


As a guest of Hotel Zum Oberjäger in Lackenbach, you are privileged to enjoy essentially your own "private" museum. Though open to the general public, as a hotel guest it is almost as if it were your extended living room.

At Renaissance Palace Lackenbach - a stately home that was the oldest residence and an administrative center of the Esterházy family – the museum is dedicated to a number of themes, including the courtly hunting parties of the Princes Esterházy. Much sung in countless folk songs and a vibrant aspect of courtly life for centuries, the hunt was an inseparable facet of aristocratic self-image, splendor and power. The Princes Esterházy had a true passion for hunting, with the enormous financial means to pursue that passion across their own extensive estates and beyond. 

The exhibition at Schloss Lackenbach takes guests on an expedition through the world of the courtly hunt, with historical exhibits spanning four centuries providing fascinating insights into the culture of hunting that was fostered by the Esterházy family.

How do I get there?

Schloss Lackenbach
Schlossplatz 1
7322 Lackenbach